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Imagine the locks in your home functioning improperly – this leads you to make a decision to have them repaired. As you scan the phone book, you immediately find a Sandy Springs locksmith company. They seem pretty local and as you give them a ring, they provide you with a reasonable estimate. However, after they have completed the job, you are presented with a bill that is several times more than what was quoted over the phone. And you start to wonder, what went wrong? Sandy Springs

Legitimate Sandy Springs Locksmith

This might sound outrageous but this really happens to several people each day. All over the nation, several lawsuits have been filed, and several news reports have been published about unscrupulous locksmith services. So how does one find out if you are dealing with a legitimate locksmith service company in Sandy Springs? There are certain steps you will need to take.

Check How Local is “Local”

Finding a locksmith in Sandy Springs through the phone book or through the Web is not enough. They might advertise a local address but how about their phone number? If all they publish is a toll-free number and they do not have a local number, better beware. Calls placed to toll-free numbers are generally routed to call centers, which are not necessarily located within the state. In most cases, they are out of state or even out of the country. You also need to be wary with the local address given. Make sure it is indeed for a brick and mortar locksmith shop and not for some vacant lot or dwelling in the middle of nowhere.

Mode of Payment

Make sure you get detailed cost estimates before you contact with a locksmith.If you are presented with a reasonable bill for the services rendered, well and good. The next thing you need to take note of is the mode of payment accepted. Reputable locksmiths in Sandy Springs GA would accept different modes of payment – cash, checks, and cards. If a locksmith insists on cash payments only, better call the authorities, especially if it is for a bill that is several times more than what has been originally quoted.

The business of legitimate locksmiths is hurt and damaged by scammers who take advantage of consumers, regardless of the lockout situations. This is why we need to carefully check the kind of locksmith companies we intend to work with.

You can trust 24 Hour Locksmith Pros for your locksmith service in Sandy Springs. We have been servicing the area for over 10 years and our reputation is second to none. Call our team now on 404-445-1210 to discuss your locksmith requirements.

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